Partnering To Deliver
Lifelong Learning

Why Lifelong Learning?

Complete-ai focuses on lifelong learning to keep up with the rapid pace of “upskilling” needs. Our world has changed and our education models have not kept pace.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.


Buckminster Fuller


Dare To Be Curious

What would happen if your university embraced innovation? Not a different version of the same thing, but truly innovative approaches to learning.

What are your thoughts about the future of a Master’s Degree versus mastery of market-based skills that are not linked to time or space?

Is it possible to develop pathways for all human beings that avoid predetermining who wins and who loses?

Flexibility within the framework reimagined.

We Focus on Two Markets

Higher Education:

Our focus is on reinventing education within current trends and beyond.

Corporate Education:

Our focus is on continuous up-skilling

Three Ways We Engage

AI Based Learning at Work

Corporate training has to evolve and our approach is the answer. We’ve partnered with our technology friends to deliver continuous upskilling and auditing to decrease errors and accidents and to increase productivity and performance.

Lifelong Learning Programs

Our approach to designing market-based programs is simply to meet every learner where they are and give them the right time, space, support, and cost structure to get where they want to go next. We design programs using industry leaders. We deliver programs using the best data.

Measuring without Emotion

We are emotional beings who often use data for our personal interests. Our goal is to create transparent, requisitely complex data in a simple actionable format. By removing the emotions from the relative truth, we make smarter, more productive decisions.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Our Mission

Our mission is to free people up to do their best work by giving them new paths to learn high value skills and complete meaningful work throughout their lives.

The Future of Work is the Future of Education

Learning where you work

Working where you live

Blurring the lines

High Degree of Certainty

mastery with or without a degree